Who are the founders of BeMyGuide.com and how they got connected through adventure?

We are three mountain guides and we are all kind of workaholics, but getting to know our profession and passion closely, you will fully understand the reason of our struggle to create a new hub for adventure.  It is simply irresistible to be surrounded by great new people and amazing nature every day, to constantly refresh your senses with new adventures and challenges and to reconnect with yourself every now and then when you are “out of the box”.

Stela: During the week I work as a product manager in an adventure travel company, a pioneer in guided mountain trips for foreigners in my country. During the rest of the time, I am a full time mummy of 2 sunny girls who tend to be little adventure vagabonds.

Jeni: By profession I am an IT developer and recently a started giving lectures in an IT Academy. I love the mountains and the nature, and they feel like second home to me. I always dreamed of working something that connects me with nature and now recently I joined the guild of mountain guides in Bulgaria.

Mitko: By education and profession I’m a forest engineer, so everything related to the world of nature, wildlife and mountains, excites me. Later I discovered that my vocation is to be out in the mountains, to keep the connection between people, places and nature alive.

How the journey connects you?
Jeni: We are united by the common passion for adventures and traveling in its purest form, just be on the road. All three of us have chosen to be guides, because we love the mountains and all outdoor activities. We love to travel and collect emotions and personal experiences through new encounters, new perspectives and of course, new challenges.

What is the most unexpected adventure that you have had?
Mitko: The multiple encounters with the wildlife during my travels have always surprised me and amazed me most. From encounters with beautiful birds and bears in my country, through diving with giant turtles in the coral reefs of the Caribbean Sea to encounter a jaguar in the Guatemalan jungle. These were my most unexpected adventures and the moments that have stopped my breathing! In moments like this, the emotion is guaranteed unforgettable and one realizes that they are only a small part of something much bigger!

What is the thing that you never leave home when you embark on a new adventure?
Mitko: I never go to the mountains without a map and a knife, practical, right?
Stela: Without a good company
Jeni: The absolute minimum that I need is desire. And it is always there.

What’s the first thing you do when you find yourself in a new place?
Mitko: Familiarization with the new location is very important, I leave the place to present itself, do not interrupt. Watch carefully. Listen. Immerse.
Jeni: I hold my breath and let my senses describe me where I am.

What turns an ordinary man into an adventurer?
Mitko:  The pursuit of movement, the search for the unknown. Anyone who dares to be lost, either in the forest or in the city, is already an adventurer.
Jeni: It is just enough to crave for it.

What is the best way for a traveler to really immerse in the local atmosphere?
The local people and guides are those who can reveal most of the local culture and atmosphere. They tell the best stories; they know where the sun rises up for the best photo; they know when the biggest waves are to be taken; when the snowy slopes are safe for skiing; which flowers are protected or which mushrooms are harvested in June, etc.

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