As with any outdoor sport, never go without knowing exactly what you’re getting into! Make sure your first trip (or a few!) is with an experienced guide or instructor.” Learn more about the top 9 adventure activities on water offered by our guides.


“If in doubt, paddle out!”

Kayaking is a white water paddling activity that takes place from active and moving water to demanding and extreme whitewater. White water kayaking adventures require the instructions of a professional kayaking instructor who knows the certain river conditions; good equipment (a kayak, a row, a helmet and a life jacket), and last but not least, it requires some bravery.

Origins: Invented by Eskimos in Greenland, Alaska, Canada, in ancient times for hunting and fishing purposes.

Guide’s Qualifications: White Water Instructor

BeMyGuide’s Recommended: Portugal



“No man ever steps in the same river twice”.

Rafting and white water rafting is a great teamwork outdoor activity. It is both considered a leisure activity and an extreme sport, all depending on the river water conditions. To do rafting you need a boat, oars, a life jacket and a helmet (don’t forget it) and of course, a good company to have fun with.

Origins: Snake River (“Mad River”) in Wyoming, early 19th century

Guide’s Qualifications: White Water Instructor

BeMyGuide’s Recommended: Greece



“Advice from a canyon: carve out a place for yourself; aspire to new plateaus; stand the test of time; don’t get boxed in; listen to the voice of the wind; reach deep”.

Canyoning is a fun activity using a variety of techniques that may include other outdoor activities such as walking, scrambling, climbing, jumping and/or swimming. Canyoning can be practices all around the globe and enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels. Although it is a fun and easy activity, booking a professional guide is highly recommendable.

Guide’s Qualifications: White Water Instructor

BeMyGuide’s Recommended: Slovenia



“The cure for anything is salt water – sweat, tears or the sea.”

Kite surfing is one of our top 3 favorite water sports, it is fun, it is tricky, and requires a good pair of adrenaline and physical skills. It combines the techniques of wakeboarding, snowboarding, windsurfing, paragliding, sailing and a whole bunch of extreme sports. If you want to try kite surfing, you can do that on most of the windy beach resort throughout the world. All you will need a qualified and trustworthy instructor and good equipment.

Guide’s Qualifications: Sea Water Instructor

Curious facts: In 2012, the number of kitesurfers worldwide was estimated at 1.5 million persons. Ride on the crest of the wave!

Origins: Crossing the English Channel on “man-lifting kites” in 1903 and patent in Netherlands in the 70s.


“The best way to observe a fish is to become a fish.”

Scuba diving is an underwater, fun activity which gives you the opportunity to merge in the amazing underwater life. Scuba diving adventures require: at least a minimum level of fitness and health; the use of good (perfect!) equipment (underwater breathing apparatus) and hiring an experienced and qualified scuba instructor who will allow you to freely enjoy your diving without troubling too much with the safety and equipment issues.

Guide’s Qualifications: Sea Water Instructor

Origins: France and UK, 19 century



“Paddling a canoe is a source of enrichment and inner renewal.”

A recreational still water activity with a narrow boat in which you kneel and propel yourself with a single-bladed paddle, that’s why people say: “paddle your own canoe and manage independently”.

Guide’s Qualifications: White Water Instructor .

Origins: invented by the Eskimos in the Arctic Region, Stone Age

BeMyGuide’s Recommended: N/A



“She asked me to tell her those three words that every girl wants to hear. So I said: let’s go kayaking!”

Sea kayaking is a leisure open water activity which you can enjoy in lakes, bays and even the ocean. You can try this paddling adventure from a few hours to many weeks in a row, but in both options, you will need a qualified instructor who knows the area of kayaking and good equipment for ease and comfort of the water journeys.

Guide’s Qualifications: Sea Water Instructor

Origins: Invented by Eskimos in Greenland, Alaska, Canada, ancient times.

Curious facts: Archaeologists have found evidence indicating that kayaks are at least 4000 years old!



“You have to learn to work with nature, rather than fight and muscle against it. The more you can relax into it, the better you will be.”

Wind surfing is more than an extreme sport; it offers experiences that are out of the scope of any other sailing adventure. It combines the laid-back culture of surf sports and the more rules-based environment of surfing. Wind surfing requires a qualified and trustworthy instructor, a good equipment and a lot of exercise.

Guide’s Qualifications: Sea Water Instructor

Origins: USA, Susquehanna River, in the 60s.

BeMyGuide’s Recommended: N/A



“Life is like sailing. You can use any wind to go in any direction.”

Sailing is a recreational water adventure activity, also known as yachting. For a good sailing adventure you need a boat, wind and an experienced captain! It can be done as a daily activity or a few-day offshore cruising trip.

Guide’s Qualifications: Sea Water Instructor

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