”As with any outdoor sport, never go without knowing exactly what you’re getting into! Make sure your first trip (or a few!) is with an experienced guide or instructor.” Learn more about the 7 adventure activities on land offered by our guides.


“Hiking is the answer, who cares what the question is!”

Hiking is the most popular outdoor activity of BeMyGuide.  It requires no previous experience. Happens best if you have a local guide who shares his knowledge on the hiking trails, the surrounding scenery and the natural and cultural diversity of the visited area.

Guide’s Qualifications: Mountain Guide & Mountain Leader

BeMyGuide’s recommended: Spain, France,Bulgaria



“Memories made in the mountains stay in our hearts forever.”

Trekking is “the longer and harder” version of hiking in unspoiled wilderness with the specific purpose of exploring and enjoying the scenery and getting away from civilization. Usually it requires a good mountain orientation; the ability to walk for a few days and to wear a backpack with the needed gear.

Guide’s Qualifications: Mountain Guide & Mountain Leader

BeMyGuide’s recommended: NepalItaly




“It is not the mountains that we conquer, but ourselves”.

High mountaineering is a challenging activity of climbing on top of high alpine peaks on all types of terrain whether it is snow, glacier, glacial ice or rock. The activity requires a well-prepared and skilled mountain guide and the use of different techniques and equipment: harness, helmet, rope, crampons, ice axe.

Guide’s Qualifications: High Mountain Guide

BeMyGuide’s recommended: Europe



Open your eyes and explore the beauty of the hidden underworld.”

Caving is an underground adventure activity of exploring virgin caverns and chambers. It is best practiced with a qualified caving instructor, a helmet, a headlamp and the will to find another perspective to your well-known world.

Guide’s Qualifications: Caving Instructor

BeMyGuide’s recommended: N/A



“The best climber in the world is the one having most fun.”

Rock climbing is a a physically and mentally demanding adventure activity of climbing up rock formations and peaks. Happens best if you hire a guide, as it requires a good knowledge of the terrain and the use of special equipment, crucial for the safe completion of the route (ropes, carabiners and harnesses).

Guide’s Qualifications: Climbing Guide

BeMyGuide’s recommended: USA



“Learn to love what you have been taught to fear.”

Via-ferrata is a popular mountain, rope activity on so called “iron roads” where adventurers climb on fixed to the rock by ladders, steel cables, and bridges and thus allowing to enjoy dramatic views and difficult peaks. Basic scrambling and climbing techniques and special via ferrata equipment are needed, that is why we recommend you the use of a local mountain guide.

Origins: Dolomite Mountains in Italy, 19th century during First World War

Guide’s Qualifications: Mountain Guide

BeMyGuide’s recommended: Slovenia, Italy



“Life is better on a mountain bike.”

Mountain biking is an attractive and active mountain adventure that gives you the opportunity for a faster and more dynamic visit of a certain destination. It requires special mountain biking equipment (mountain bikes and helmets) and good knowledge of the off-road terrain, that is why we recommend you to always hire a guide with you.

Origins: Yellowstone, USA, 19th century during the expedition of Buffalo Soldiers

Guide’s Qualifications: Mountain Biking Guide

BeMyGuide’s recommended: UK



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